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 Nickelodeon Intergalactic Shorts Program

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Attention, ce qui suit est en anglais, mais l'opportunité est trop extra pour ne pas la partager malgré que ce ne soit pas en français.

Welcome to the 2022 Nickelodeon Intergalactic Shorts Program!

The Program aims to find great original IP that is prime for production as an animated short, with the potential of becoming the next hit Nickelodeon long-form series.

Who Are We?

  • We are funny, broad, surprising, irreverent, relevant, optimistic, inclusive, authentic, silly, and smart with a heart.
  • While targeting kids, our shows also aim to bring in the rest of the family for co-viewing opportunities.
  • Our vibe is energetic, catchy, and unique
  • Our content speaks at eye level to all kids – neither talking up or down to them. We show them
    as real people – warts and all.
  • We reflect the fullness of our audience.

What do we want?

  • We are looking for that next hit original Nickelodeon IP!
  • We are seeking preschool (K2-5) and big kid (6-11) show ideas.
  • We are looking for passionate storytellers with a point of view, compelling and charismatic characters, and a juicy story to tell.
  • We want funny, character-driven and timely shows that all genders will love. We’re looking for characters we want to hang out with and worlds we want to spend time in.
  • We are open to any genre as long as there’s a strong element of comedy – whether it’s sitcom, adventure, sci-fi, fantasy, mystery, spooky, futuristic - and anything in between.
  • Our preschool shows have the above DNA but is a little softer and is more focused on social emotional learning than an academic-based curriculum.
  • We are open to any style of animation.
  • Since Nickelodeon already has some big franchises in production it is best to stay away from: fighting turtles, underwater comedies, giant robots, big orange cats, monsters in high school as well as hit shows from Nickelodeon’s past.

What do you need to pitch?

  • A short written introduction. Let us know more about yourself, your creative process and previous experience.
  • A 2-3 page pitch document including the basics: short logline or synopsis, main characters and their relationships to each other, a sense of tone, setting, plus a few springboards.
  • If you have a partial script, designs or storyboard to showcase your tone and talent, we'd love to see it (Optional).
  • As materials will be reviewed by international teams, so we are only able to review submissions in English.

How Does It Work?

  • On June 13th submissions to the shorts program will open globally.
  • On August 26th submissions for the program will close.
  • By October 2022 we will select our top picks and set out to commence production of the shorts. If selected for the program, your short would be produced as a fully animated proof of concept that can act as a mini-pilot for a series greenlight.

Pour plus de détails, c'est ici.

 Nickelodeon Intergalactic Shorts Program

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